Monday, October 26, 2015

The end of “cold-start doctrine”

India’s “cold-start doctrine” has been shoved into the dustbin of history by Pakistan’s tactical nuclear weapons. Pakistani Foreign Secretary, Aizaz Chaudhry said, “our nuclear programme is one dimensional: stopping Indian aggression before it happens. It is not for starting a war. It is for deterrence”.

India has developed a capability by drastically reducing the time to launch an offensive against Pakistan. Thus India has “created a space for war” through its “cold-start doctrine” according to Mr. Chaudhry.

“Our argument is, when you are a nuclear power, you do not create spaces for war. War is no more an option,” Mr. Chaudhry said. “We have plugged the gap India had created. We have the right to do so.”

Pakistan has made it clear to India and rest of the world that it wants peace and prosperity in the region. Pakistan has also proposed a nuclear free Subcontinent. On May 4, 2003, President Pervez Musharraf proposed a nuclear-free subcontinent but India refused to accept a nuclear free Subcontinent. India also rejected Pakistan’s offers for “No War Pact” in 1981, 1998 and September 2000.

India should realize the fact that Pakistan is an independent and a very strong country. The dream of India to treat Pakistan as a puppet state cannot be materialized. Indian dreams of dominance are buried along the “cold-start doctrine”.

Wednesday, September 30, 2015

Syria 2015: Sykes–Picot Agreement

The old players of Sykes–Picot Agreement of 1916 have started their old tactics in the Middle East. The only exception is that Briton is replaced and sidelined by USA. However, Russia and France are there to play their old tricks.

The question is whether USA, Russia and France can continue their role in the region like they did in the years after the Sykes–Picot Agreement of 1916. However, the days of these powers are numbered and they cannot play same roles as before.

The democratic forces and people are united against the oppressors. It is no longer possible for these redundant powers to colonize and exploit people of the world.

Monday, August 31, 2015

Indian border aggression and its link with terrorism

Pakistani Army Chief, General Raheel Sharif said, “We can sense that there is definite linkage between terrorism being sponsored by India in various parts of Pakistan and belligerence along the working boundary and Line of Control”.

India is supporting terrorism in Pakistan for long time. Now, Pakistani army is eliminating these terrorists. India is trying to divert the attention of Pakistani army from eliminating terrorists by creating problems at the border.

However, India should realise that Pakistani nation is behind the army. Pakistan got defence forces which are capable of fighting at many fronts at the same time.

Thursday, July 30, 2015

Pakistan to build China-Pakistan Economic Corridor at any cost.‏

General Sharif said,  “We are acutely aware of our rivals’ campaign against the corridor project and vow that the armed forces are ready to pay any price to turn this long cherished dream into reality,” in a statement issued by the Inter-Services Public Relations.

He reiterated Pakistan's desire to cooperate with other nations for peace, but “not at the expense of national interests, sovereign rights and national pride”.

He further added that “we are ready to pay any price to protect our nationhood and safeguard our interests, be it Kashmir, development of new ports or exploitation of natural resources".

General Sharif's statements have sent a clear message to India and any other country hostile towards Pakistan. This is the time for India to act as a good neighbour and stop promoting terrorism in Pakistan. Otherwise be ready to face retaliatory actions of Pakistani army.

Monday, June 29, 2015

Indian state sponsored terrorism

India is promoting terrorism in Pakistan. Indian intelligence agency RAW tried to sabotage Zimbabwe's cricket tour of Pakistan.

Punjab Home Minister Shuja Khanzada said that Zimbabwe's team "received a text message which threatened them". This text message was sent by the Indian intelligence agency.

India has supported terrorism in Pakistani province of Balochistan as well. Pakistani army has issued warnings to India to stop promoting terrorism in Pakistan.

Pakistani army said in a rare statement that India is "whipping up terrorism in Pakistan"  after a meeting of the army's top commanders in May 2015.
It is in the interest of India to promote peace and stability in its neighborhood.

If India doesn't stop supporting terrorism in Pakistan then it should be ready to face retaliatory actions of Pakistani army.

Saturday, May 30, 2015

India is promoting terrorism

Indian Defence Minister, Manohar Parrikar has openly admitted that it is legitimate to use terrorism. Parrikar said, “You have to neutralise terrorist through terrorist only … kaante se kaanta nikaalte hain (you have to extract a thorn with a thorn) … Why can’t we do it? We should do it. Why my soldier has to do it all the time?”

Parrikar further said “If any country, why Pakistan, is planning something against my country, I will take proactive steps. Of course, not in the public domain. But what I have to do, I will do it. Whether it is diplomatic, whether it is pressure tactics or whether it is using the… woh usko bolte hain na Marathi mein kaante se kaanta nikaalte hain… Hindi mein bhi rahega… you have to neutralise terrorist through terrorist only”.

Adviser to the Prime Minister of Pakistan on National Security and Foreign Affairs, Sartaj Aziz said, “This statement only confirms Pakistan’s apprehensions about India’s involvement in terrorism in Pakistan. It must be the first time that a minister of an elected government openly advocates use of terrorism in another country on the pretext of preventing terrorism from that country or its non-state actors”. Pakistani Defence Minister, Khawaja Asif said that Parrikar statement proves the assertions that India is involved in terrorism.

This is an admission by the India that it is promoting terrorism in Pakistan. Indian state sponsored terrorism in Kashmir has already claimed lives of hundreds of thousands of innocent civilians. This the time that India realises that it cannot achieve any strategic advantage through terrorist activities in Pakistan.

Saturday, April 25, 2015

Pakistan and China’s Silk Road is a game changer

The Chinese President Xi Jinping has announced a 46 billion dollar investment plan during his recent visit to Pakistan. The China-Pakistan economic corridor will link deep water port of Gwadar in south west of Pakistan with Kashgar in China’s North West Xinjiang region. This proposed Silk Road will ensure China’s access to the Middle East, Africa and Europe.

This investment plan will finance road and energy projects. It will also spark economic activity in Pakistan and create jobs. This plan is more than double than total direct foreign investment since 2008 in Pakistan.

Asia has become extremely prosperous since it has thrown away the shackles of colonization by the West. The Asian century has started.