Tuesday, July 29, 2008

Afghanistan and Encircling China

USA is trying to encircle China since the downfall of Russia (USSR). Invading Afghanistan in the disguise of War on terror is one of the strategies to achieve this goal. However, China is also trying to neutralize USA’s efforts by forging close alliances with its neighbors such as Pakistan, Bangladesh and Burma.

China’s alliance with Pakistan is extremely vital. China is keen to use Pakistani port of Gawader to counter an attack from south by USA and its allies like Japan and Taiwan. Pakistan can also help China to counter India which is planning to forge close ties with USA by signing a nuclear deal.

USA and its allies are trying hard to avoid a defeat in Afghanistan. But, it is becoming evident as days go by that the fate of USA is pretty grim in Afghanistan. USA has not learned any lesson from its defeats in Iraq and Vietnam. The best option for USA is to give up its aggressive policies to control the world. Peace is the best option for USA because the defeat is waiting in the rugged mountains of Afghanistan.