Tuesday, November 29, 2016

USA: a democracy or a fascist regime

Hate crimes, xenophobia, islamophobia, warmongering, ultra nationalism, climate change denialism and economic mismanagement is on the rise in USA for a long time. It is easy to blame US President Elect, Donald Trump for this phenomena. However, this is a long term trend which finds its roots in colonialism. The Western elites perpetuated racism in all policies.

During recent election campaign Trump said the US election was being "rigged" by a "corrupt media" At another occasion he said,"it’s a rigged system, it’s a crooked system".

The false sense of superiority entrenched in the Western psyche is the root cause of perpetual racism in the West. The existence of slavery and its consequences are still hounding the West in general and USA in particular. Universities don't have enough students from minorities but jails are full of offenders from  minority groups.

The West is going to learn its lessons in a hard way. Continued decay in the economic, social and political life of the West will bring its eventual demise. It is too late to turn the wheel of the time. The so called democracy in the West is showing its true face through the rise of fascism.

Sunday, November 06, 2016

USA election: Who will be the next failed President

No matter who wins election in USA, one thing is sure that American people will be the losers. People will lose due to America's two party “dictatorship”. Presidential candidates Hilary Clinton and Donald Trump lack credibility. They are a product of USA's political system which has failed miserably.

The new president will not resolve the issues of anemic economic growth, chronic unemployment, declining real wages, rich poor gap, global warming, underfunded educational sector, decaying health sector, racism, Islamophobia, crimes, guns and drugs.

The issue of drugs is related with wars and terrorism. Same is the case with oil industry which is causing global warming. Demand for oil from USA and its allies is also causing wars in different parts of the world. USA will keep relying on arms and oil industries to boost its ailing economy. Hence, USA will remain a major player in causing wars and global warming.
A new name will be added after elections in the growing list of failed presidents in USA. The American political system is becoming a major source of instability and danger in the world because it has failed to serve its own people. American people will eventually over throw this rotten system. The rise of Trump is an indication of public anger towards this system.