Thursday, May 30, 2013

Pakistan and China move to counter America’s Silk Road Strategy

China has taken over operation of the strategically important Gwadar port in Pakistan. The port is very close to the key oil shipping lane of Strait of Hormuz. This port will open up energy and trade corridor from the Gulf through Pakistan to western China. This port is going to be used by Chinese Navy according to the Western strategic analysts.

Li Keqiang, Chinese Premier during his recent visit to Pakistan said, “Both sides are of the view that by connecting China’s development and Pakistan’s development, we can create a joint economic corridor linking the central and western parts of China and Pakistan”

Keqiang further said, “this vision, once realized, will have great strategic significance for the development of China, South Asia, Asia and of peace and stability in the region and the improved lives of people in our region.”

Keqiang   statement of “connecting China’s development and Pakistan’s development” is a significant move. Alarm bells have started ringing in the corridors of the Pentagon. However, it is too late for Americans to react. The game is over.