Thursday, April 28, 2011

Censorship by British Royal Family

British royals, who have been involved in genocides, crimes against humanity and colonization around the world, have decided to stifle the freedom of speech by imposing censorship on Australian Broad Casting Corporation (ABC). This is the same royal family which was willing to cooperate with Hitler.

“The ABC says it's not allowed to use the wedding footage in any drama, comedy or satirical entertainment program” according to ABC’s PM Program.

ABC’s, Julian Morrow says, “It's silly and it's petty, and I think it's inappropriate ... It seems a bit kind of crazy for the royal family to be trying to dictate the way they get represented in the media, it seems a bit out of step with you know a modern democracy, but I suppose royalty is out of step with a modern democracy, so there you go”.

The British people are facing hardships due to global financial crisis. The conservative government in Britain imposed austerity measures on people to reduce budget deficit. However, British royals are spending hundreds of millions of dollars of public money on the royal wedding while British public is forced to swallow the bitter pill of austerity measures.

British royals lecture the countries around the world to foster freedom of speech and democracy. But, their hypocritical stance is exposed by the ban on the ABC. Royals are also spending public money on their wedding while British people are going through hardships because of austerity measures. One day British people will tell them “It's silly and it's petty, and … it's inappropriate”. They will also demand the true democracy in which there will be no role for unelected and self-imposed royals.