Saturday, May 26, 2007

Merchants of the Death

Trillions of dollars are spent by the West on arms trade. It is a slap on the face of the West which pretends to be a champion of the human rights. Hundreds of thousands of people are killed by the arms produced and sold by the West. G 8 – a puppet of the West, gave away few billion dollars in debt reduction to African countries to show that the West is very concerned about the welfare of the poor people. However, the West is involved in the trade of the blood diamonds for centuries and it is still supplying arms to warring factions in Africa. This is enough to show the sheer hypocrisy of the West and its allies.

American economy relies on arms and oil industries for its survival. But, the West refuses to concede that it is responsible for the deaths caused by the arms produced by it. The Western killing machine is continuing to operate at full speed regardless of human sufferings and misery.

There are many reasons behind the cruelty of the West. The West wants to continue its colonial legacy by providing lethal weapons to maintain its political hegemony. It also wants to make money by selling arms, which are used to kill hundreds of thousands people every year around the world.

There is a need to organize a grass root movement to stop the Western killing machines.