Monday, March 30, 2015

USA: Iran’s nuclear programme

USA and its Western allies have xenophobic policies towards all races and countries around the world. The West does not want any other race to compete with it by developing new technologies.

It had discriminatory policies against many countries such as China and India in the past. The reason behind such policies was to stop any non-Western country or race to stand on its feet.

The Western policies against Muslim countries such as Iran and Pakistan were highly discriminatory and Islamophobic in nature. The West wants to control the whole world and impose its policies on every country of the world.

However, the West cannot impose its will on many countries. As a result the West is trying to negotiate with Iran. The West also negotiated with China and India after it failed to stop progress in these countries. The neo-colonial agenda is doomed to fail again because the people of the world are united against xenophobic policies of the West.