Thursday, March 29, 2007

India’s Survival Depends on A Stronger Pakistan

Finally, the establishment in India has come to senses by realizing that a stronger Pakistan is a guarantee for a prosperous India. Indian Prime Minister, Manmohan Singh says that prosperous neighbors are a guarantee for a prosperous India. He further said that he wants that India's neighbors feel secure and trust that India has good intentions for its neighbors.

The hawks in India should realize that a weaker Pakistan is an open invitation to the Western imperialists to surround India and China by consolidating the Western influence in Pakistan. India heavily relies on a stronger Pakistan for its survival and growth. India also relies on Pakistan to import energy and export its products through Pakistan.

Various regions of the world, such as the Western Europe and Far East Asia, have developed as a group. It is almost impossible for a country to grow by itself because of globalization.

It is time that Indian establishment takes concrete measures for the welfare of the South Asians by resolving the outstanding issue of Kashmir. The issue of Kashmir should be resolved according to the desires of the people of Kashmir to open the doors of prosperity for South Asians.