Sunday, January 31, 2016

Kashmir: Pakistan’s strategic patience

Pakistan’s strategic patience is bearing fruits. Reluctantly, Indians are coming to terms with Pakistan. Modi’s current visit to Pakistan and his response to attack on Indian airbase in Pathankot is evident of this fact. India can’t force its will on Pakistan. Now it seems that Indians have accepted the reality that Pakistan is in a driving seat.

Indians are desperate to access Silk Road through Pakistan. India will have great economic benefits to access Europe, Central Asia, The Middle East and Africa through Pakistan.

It was written in the last post of this blog that “The way to peace and prosperity for rich and powerful in India goes through Pakistan. They will keep pushing Indian politicians for a permanent settlement of Kashmir issue. Pakistan needs to show strategic patience.”

Ten days later, one of the richest and powerful man of India, Sajjan Jindal was in Lahore during Modi’s visit to Pakistan. He reportedly arranged the secret meeting between Nawaz and Modi in Katmandu. Times of India reported that “it was the presence of steel tycoon Sajjan Jindal in Lahore which set tongues wagging about a possible back channel which may have been activated to make the meeting possible.”