Monday, June 29, 2009

Pakistan ranked ten in the failed state index 2009

Anti-Pakistani forces are loosing their esteem and their propaganda machine is becoming a laughing-stock. Now, one of their cronies Foreign Policy magazine has issued failed state index in which Pakistan has been ranked as one of the top ten failed states. Ironically, Foreign Policy magazine was founded by Samuel Huntington who advanced the theory of Clash of Civilizations.

Foreign Policy magazine has issued similar index in 2006 in which Pakistan was ranked nine. It is obvious that the followers of Huntington got it wrong in 2006. Pakistan is still marching forward as a strong country in 2009 while the countries such as USA, which fund the activities of Foreign Policy magazine, are in dire economic situation. If a country is failing then it should be in deep recession like USA and Europe. However, Pakistani economy is still growing at a reasonable pace.

Chairman of the House of Representatives Committee on Foreign Affairs Howard L. Berman said in April 2009, “it is very alarming that we are now hearing predictions from a number of leading experts that Pakistan could collapse in as little as six months”. So far two months have gone but there is no sign that Pakistan is going to collapse in next four months.

The rusted propaganda machine of the West, which is trying to propagate doom and gloom against Pakistan and other Asian countries, will be proved wrong in 2010 when it will issue another index.