Sunday, November 02, 2008

Obama will fail as the President

People hope that Barack Obama will bring the change if he becomes the president of the USA. However, Obama stands for the status quo. He did not propose any real change in the economic or foreign policies of the USA. It is impossible for any president in the USA to challenge the system. President has to rely on the House of the Representative and the Senate to get his/her policies implemented.

Politicians in the House and Senate rely on donations from big corporations to get elected. Democrats are the biggest beneficiaries of the donations from the Wall Street. How Obama will challenge the status quo and bring the big corporations under the control which have been donating enormous money to Democrats?

“Out [of] the top 25 political contributors for the 2008 election cycle, nine were Wall Street banking or investment firms, including the now defunct firm Lehman Brothers. Employees at eight of those nine firms gave more money to Democratic candidates” according to Jeff Poor of Business & Media Institute.

Independent presidential candidate Ralph Nader rightly believes that Obama will be "a corporate president." Nader said that Republicans and Democrats "don't stand for the people … They stand for big business. That's overwhelmingly documented. And they have not cracked down on the corporate crime-wave that the Wall Street Journal and The Washington Post and the networks have documented day after day, the Enron scandal all the way to Wall Street."

Nader questioned whether the three main candidates for the presidency “have the moral courage … to stand up to corporate powers and get things done for the American people?”

Americans have to change the system if they want to bring the real change. Otherwise, the Presidents who “stand for big business” will keep on fooling them forever.