Friday, October 29, 2010

Coverage of Indian occupied Kashmir by the Western Media

Indian soldiers were busy in killing Kashmiris on the streets while curfew was imposed to stop masses in Kashmir from holding peaceful protests during Commonwealth Games in Delhi. More than 100 Kashmiris were killed by India since June in the protests

However, the Western media was busy talking about Commonwealth Games in Delhi. For example the Australian Broadcasting Corporation (ABC) was running stories about India. On the other hand, ABC ran no story on Killings and curfew in Kashmir by Indian forces on its current affairs program PM during Commonwealth Games in Delhi.

ABC Radio's current affairs program PM website brags that “PM is one of the grand institutions of Australian public broadcasting. The program celebrates its 40th anniversary on July 7, 2009 - four decades of reporting Australia and the world.”

“The grand institutions of Australian public broadcasting” ran many stories about India from 3October to 14 October 2010 during Commonwealth Games in Delhi, such as, Australian athletes 'treated like cattle' and Delhi belly floors athletes.

Jane Cowan in New Delhi reported for PM said in one story that, “Dog catchers are rounding up dogs using long poles with nooses on the end and tossing them roughly into the back of a truck … In India courts have made rulings protecting street dogs. They are effectively seen as community pets.”

On the other hand, according to Deccan Chronicle “A 55-year-old man, allegedly beaten up by security forces on October 7, died at a hospital here on Friday, taking the death toll in the over four-month-long unrest in Kashmir Valley to 110”.

“The grand institutions of Australian public broadcasting” was willing to talk about the treatment of dogs in Delhi but it was silent on the Killing and incarceration of innocent people in Kashmir demanding freedom from India.