Monday, February 26, 2007

Pakistan: Implications of Trade Talks

The developed countries of the West are exploiting developing countries like Pakistan through their economic policies. The West is also trying to manipulate developing countries in various trade forums to continue its economic hegemony at the cost of poor countries.

For example, the aim of Doha Development Round was to liberalise world trade. However, due to the stubbornness of the Western countries these talks are close to collapse like other trade talks such as Uruguay Round. The developing countries want a fair and just trade system where the West can not exploit poor people of the world. However the West wants to have free access to markets of the developing countries without allowing the developing countries to access the Western markets.

Pakistanis also believe in a fair and just world which is free of exploitation. Pakistan should try to lead small developing countries because big developing countries such as India are likely to have bilateral trade deals with the Western countries. Pakistan should also adopt the same strategy, which it adopted during the proposed reforms for the United Nation’s Security Council. This strategy will ensure that smaller developing countries can also achieve favourable trade outcomes under the leadership of Pakistan.


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