Tuesday, December 30, 2014

USA: Afghanistan is the graveyard of empires.

After the longest war in American history, thousands of soldiers killed and wounded, trillions of dollars wasted on an unwinnable war, America has finally accepted its fate. Military historians call it a defeat.

US President Barak Obama said, “Afghanistan remains a dangerous place, and the Afghan people and their security forces continue to make tremendous sacrifices in defence of their country.”

America was warned by many to keep away from Afghanistan. However, Americans insisted to invade Afghanistan. Now they have firsthand experience of defeat in Afghanistan which is called the graveyard of empires.

British Defence Secretary, Philip Hammond said, “Afghanistan is an incredibly complex society … Our ability to influence outcomes is very limited … the long-run solution to security has to be an Afghan solution; it cannot be imposed from outside.”

British MPs cross-party defence committee labelled the pull out as “withdrawal through fatigue”. “The MPs warned that the start of an Afghan-led peace settlement with the Taliban was vital to ensure the country's stability and security after the withdrawal of British troops next year” according to the British newspaper Guardian.

Americans should realize that the days of their supremacy are over. It’s time for America and its Western allies to respect the will of people around the world.


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