Sunday, September 30, 2012

Anti-Islam film is an example of the cultural imperialism by the West

The Western countries are spreading xenophobia and Islamophobia under the veil of freedom of speech. The West wants to impose cultural imperialism all around the world.  The current anti-Islam film is an example of the Western cultural imperialism.

The U.N. Human Rights Council in Geneva passed a resolution “to counter the dissemination of ideas based on racial superiority or hatred” proposed by a group of African and Latin American governments. The resolution was passed to stop xenophobia and Islamophobia and to stop films promoting hatred.

The British historian, David Irving was jailed for three years for denying the Holocaust by a court in the Austrian capital. The concept of absolute freedom does not exist and it is not allowed in any country of the world because it can be used to spread xenophobia and Islamophobia. However, the West allows dissemination of hatred if it is directed towards non-Western people.

Greg Barns, national president of the Australian Lawyers Alliance says, “Commentators like Bolt and Mark Steyn, a Canadian commentator who has used freedom of speech arguments to attack elements of Islam over the years, love to dress up their political agenda with the claim that they are simply exercising freedom of speech” in his article titled “Even Bolt's freedom of speech isn't an absolute right”.

The fate of Western cultural imperialism is doomed. The people around the world know the real agenda of the West. The Western efforts to culturally rule the world will fail like colonialism.


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