Tuesday, November 06, 2012

USA: Elections a farce or a chance for the real change

American people will wake up on Wednesday morning with a hope that things will change in their country for good. Unfortunately their hopes will not be fulfilled because the American electoral system is designed to maintain the status quo.

There will be no major change in economic, foreign or social policies. It does not matter who wins the elections in USA. Both major parties in USA stand for status quo. These parties are not interested in the welfare of American people.

American people will be asking same questions about unemployment, healthcare or educational policies in four years time. The American establishment will continue to support the military industrial complex built to support big business.

These big businesses will continue to enjoy support from the American establishment which will continue to slaughter innocent civilians around the world to fool its own people. The only time American people will enjoy the real change when they will rise against their own establishment to reclaim their constitutional rights.


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