Wednesday, February 27, 2013

USA encircling China through Bangladesh

It is becoming evident that USA is trying hard to encircle China through Bangladesh to stop China’s possible entry into Bay of Bengal in case of a conflict with USA. USA is trying to keep pro-American government in Bangladesh with the help of India. Bangladesh War Crimes Tribunal which is marred by controversies and allegations of wrongdoings, handed down harsh verdicts against the opponents of Bangladeshi Prime Minister, Sheikh Hasina.

USA is trying to consolidate anti-China alliances in Asia and Pacific. It is encouraging the government of Sheikh Hasina to clamp down on pro-Islam and anti-American parties. These attempts by American puppets will be short lived like before.

The presiding judge of Bangladesh War Crimes Tribunal, Mohammed Nizamul Huq resigned because he acted improperly. “Bangladeshi newspapers this week have printed transcripts of phone conversations and emails that purport to show the judge, Mohammed Nizamul Huq, giving details of a case currently before the tribunal to—and soliciting advice from—a Bangladeshi human-rights lawyer based in Brussels” according to The Wall Street Journal.

The whole region has woken up against the injustices and corruption encouraged by the USA to support its puppets. The days of these puppets are numbered.


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